Jaundice is a problem experienced by newborns, this occurs after several days of birth. Jaundice caused the baby’s body skin became yellow. The cause of jaundice problem is because the problem there are many number of substances that can not be processed by the liver in the baby. While the hepatitis is a disease caused by viruses, which one of the sign is a yellow body. So there is no direct relationship between hepatitis and jaundice, but both result are the same that make body turn yellow.

Jaundice also known as Yellow at Baby Skin

Jaundice usually called yellow skin in infants. Usually this happens because of interference section that is formed of liver function which has not been perfect for screening substances or bilirubin in the baby's blood. The problem about jaundice in newborns is usually because the baby's body produces bilirubin faster than the ability of the baby's liver to filter that, so it will make yellow color on the baby's skin.

How Jaundice Happen to newborns babies?

Jaudice can happen to most newborn babies, this problem happen because the billirubin substances in our newborn babies body. Don't worry when our baby get Jaundice problem because some of Jaundice is not serious problem, make sure to see the doctor for find out about what happen in our newborns baby.