For parents whose babies exposed to the skin problem can be quickly realized jaundice, skin that has changed, becoming yellow. Jaundice disease is a natural process in the body, not by a virus, so the disease is not contagious to others babies. It is therefore not required a special room for babies which exposed to jaundice problem.

Important for parents who know their children exposed to jaundice, should immediately contact the doctor to determine how severe the illness, but parents also need to know that there is no process of transmission which would happen to other children if the infant get jaundice disease. We do not need to separate the sleeping for our children with a baby who affected by jaundice because jaundice is harmless and does not spread contagious either through the air or through food.

Why jaundice is not contagious?

As explained at the beginning of this article that jaundice is not a disease of viral origin (not causes by virus). If many diseases caused by viruses can be transmitted to others, but it does not occur in jaundice disease, because jaundice in infants caused by the toxic of bilirubin substances that can not be processed by the body so that the baby skin color become more yellow.

Jaundice also known as Yellow at Baby Skin

Jaundice usually called yellow skin in infants. Usually this happens because of interference section that is formed of liver function which has not been perfect for screening substances or bilirubin in the baby's blood. The problem about jaundice in newborns is usually because the baby's body produces bilirubin faster than the ability of the baby's liver to filter that, so it will make yellow color on the baby's skin.

How Jaundice Happen to newborns babies?

Jaudice can happen to most newborn babies, this problem happen because the billirubin substances in our newborn babies body. Don't worry when our baby get Jaundice problem because some of Jaundice is not serious problem, make sure to see the doctor for find out about what happen in our newborns baby.